About company

The Fish Processing Plant “Mieszko” has been operating since 1978 and is a family company with traditions.
Since 2011, we have a modern processing plant located in Darłowo – a port city famous on the Polish coast.

We are a company dealing in the processing of marine and freshwater fish. For over 20 years, our main activity has been the production of fresh perch and zander fillets for the French and Swiss market. To ensure the excellent quality of our products, we work only with proven and trusted Polish fish suppliers.

The best quality raw material obtained from them is hand filleted, which means that we are able to guarantee our clients products of the highest standard.

We are flexible and meet the high expectations of our customers, we adapt to their needs and requirements in the field of product preparation as well as transport and logistics. Our company’s long-standing presence on the market proves that we are a stable and trustworthy partner.

In our factory, we attach special importance to the quality of our products, which is why we still strive for excellence, raising our qualifications, organizing numerous trainings for our employees in the HACCP system and quality control.

Our offer includes:

– fresh fillets,
– frozen fillets,
– gutted fish.

Our products, both fresh and frozen, are packaged in a wide range of measurements according to the order, i.e. styroboxes, MAP packaging, VAC, IQF