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Project “Purchase of specialized means of transport and production-related equipment for the Mieszko Fish Processing Plant “

Objective of the operation: To improve safety, hygiene and working conditions in the fish processing process and to create new or improved products, processes or management systems for fish processing.

Effects: The investment carried out at the “Mieszko Fish Processing Plant” consisted in the extension and modernization of the raw material cold store and the degreasing plant, construction of a cooling chamber, a modern method of disinfecting fish with ozone water and purchase of new means of transport (new Mercedes-Benz VITO cars).

As a result of the purchase of the aforementioned machines and devices, an innovative production process was implemented, i.e. a fish disinfection system with ozone water in the Enterprise, as well as improved safety, hygiene and working conditions in the fish processing process.

The project obtained funding from the Fisheries and Sea Program under priority 5 Support for marketing and processing, in the scope of measure 5.4 “Processing of fishery and aquaculture products”

Project value: PLN 1017 869.97

Financing value: PLN 407,246.00